Oxygen Service :




Oxygen is very essential in patient care. GSKP has 40 number of Oxygen Cylinder with all necessary equipments for emergency requirements of any patients. We established Five  Oxy-Zone at  different places of Behrampore Municipal area for twenty four hours. The service is provided in no loss no profit basis.



Sl no.



Name & Address of the Oxy –Zone



Service Available



GSKP, Gorabazar Office
101/2, Exhibition Bagan Road, Gorabazar, Msd.
Phone : 03482-261051

Twenty Four hours


GSKP, Indraprastha Office,
24/170/2, JoyChand Road, Khagra, Msd.
Phone : 03482-257712

Twenty Four hours


GSKP, Saidabad Kendriya Bhavan,
39/1, Radhaballav Para Lane, Khagra, Msd.
Phone : 03482-268104 / 1053  (Toll Free)

Twenty Four hours


GSKP, Jorashibmandir Office,
Near Saidabad,
Contact : 9434641842

Twenty Four hours


GSKP, Khagra Branch Office,
Near Telgoriar Dhar, Khagra,
Contact : 9126774484

Twenty Four hours