Blood Donation




Since last 30 years GSKP using an technique and style to motivate people for blood donation through a process, where any patient of any blood group may get required unit of blood from our Live Blood Bank in exchange of same unit of blood of any group as and when required for another patients in near future. He/She signed in a declaration form for their willingness to donate blood. Every year nearly 2000 unit of blood supplied from our Live Blood Bank database through this chain system to Government Blood Bank. Apart from this every year we conduct nearly 40 nos of Voluntary Blood donation Camp where nearly 2500 unit blood donated to the Government Blood Bank.


Gskp with Thalasemia Children :




Thalsemiais is an inherited blood disorder in which the patients need to undergo regular blood transfusion since their body cannot produce enough haemoglobin. In Murshidabad district there are nearly 350-400 thalasemiac patients and nearly 85% of the same are very poor. Nearly 65 thalasemiac patients are registered with us we regularly give them blood from our donors database. We also support them financially for better treatment .


  • Awareness & Thalasemia Carrier Test Camp
  • Donate Blood & organize Blood Camp
  • Support Financialy to Poor Patients.
  • Celebration Brothers Day with them.