Ambulance Service :




GSKP provides 24 hours Emergency Ambulance and Caracas Van  services. We have 6 Ambulances & One Caracas Van  which serve the people as & when required under compelling circumstances . We have six  running Ambulances which are providing excellent service throughout the year in every part of our state in no profit basis. These ambulances are donated by local M.P, & well wishers. We are very thankful to them because their benevolent support help us to provide emergency services to the people successfully. Each ambulances are carrying approx 500 patients per year.



Contact for Emergency Ambulance / Dead body carrier vehicle Service

Gorabazar Sahid Khudiram Pathagar

Gorabazar Office : 03482-261051 / 268104 / 9434639620 (Rabin Ghosh)

Saidabad Office : 03482-268104 /269555 


Dead Body Carreier Vehicle : BIDAI : 03482-261051 / 9434532858 ( Budhha Mondal)